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With the unique offer in the nice ambient restaurant Privilege is a destination in its own right among Belgrade restaurant-goers. Its multifunctional space is perfect for business lunches or personal dinners, as well as for larger gatherings such as cocktail parties, gala dinners and business meetings of all types.

The cozy atmosphere makes Privilege an ideal place to enjoy fine food. The menu is based on the specialties influenced by international cuisine, as well as the authentic national dishes. The wine list has been carefully chosen to compliment and enhance the menu.

Start your day with a freshly prepared breakfast and end it with cakes from our glossy menus for dinner. Pamper yourself with superb taste in the city center.

Are you for breakfast, a quick lunch, coffee breaks between meetings, cocktail after work, a romantic dinner or family lunch?

All this and something more can be found in the Privilege Restaurant in the city center.